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Random Icon Fun!

You know you want some randomness in your life...

Random Icon Fun - An Icontest
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This is an icontest community. For those of you who do not know what that means, it is a contest where you make icons. Simple enough, no?

This is a special icontest community, because, it does not have a theme. That's why it's random. Each week, I will pick a different theme, picture, song, whatever, and you make an icon out of it. Fun! Yay for diversity.

And when I say diversity, I mean diversity. The pictures/themes/whatever will be so random, from a movie or TV show to a picture of an umbrella. It's all about testing your graphic skillzzzz, even on a subject you aren't too familiar with.

Lemme just lay down a few of the laws for you folks.
1. Usually, it's gonna be 1 icon per challenge. Sometimes I'll feel nice and be like, sure more than one is cool. That will be specified.
2.Don't post your icon anywhere, or use it, while the contest is going on. No pimpage, I tell you! Or I'll disqualify you. Because I can. *evil snicker*
3.NO ANIMATION. I know, it's cool, whatever, but, I don't generally like animated icons, and not everyone can do those. Let's keep it fair, ya know?
4.Make sure it fits the standards of le LJ. That means 100x100 pixels or smaller, and under 40K's yo.
5. I am le MOD(fairyqueen5984)I can post. You can't. My sexy co-mods eraticschematic and goddess_raven can too. They are of the elite. Yay.
6.Post your entries like so in the appropriate entry.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's how things roll.

Monday: I introduce winners from previous challenges, and start up a new challenge.
Friday: Have those entries in, by Midnight CST.
Saturday-Sunday: Vote your little hearts out.

There will be:
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
MOD's choice.

Sounds easy right? It is. Trust me.


My home-fry affiliate friend buddies. Join them too. :)

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